Norlin Games on Times Square!

Norlin Games on Times Square!

Today, 10th of Dec 2021, the Slime is exposed on one of the most famous billboards in the world! It's visible the whole day Midnight-to-Midnight each hour for 9 minutes. Night view: Photos…

How to build Unreal Engine project from Sublime Text

Sublime Text build script for UE4 projects

"Hive" - a hypercasual prototype

"Hive" - a hypercasual prototype

Player is controlling the "Hive" in the center, it's constantly gaining energy and can grow when fully charged.

Enemies are attacking the Hive and player have to spend the energy to defend itself.

Unreal Engine 4: Getting Started & FAQ

Where I can download UE4?
Which course to take?
How to google for a trivial questions?
...and much more!

Getting ready for DevGAMM!

Last weeks I've been pushing the Knightmare Lands forward to implement different features for the showcase and today I want to tell you about the most important things.

Major update for internal systems

Brief update about the recent progress and looking for game developers willing to help!
Game and level designers, technical artists are wanted!

Unreal Contest, step 1

Knightmare Lands have passed the first stage of the Unreal Engine contest from Disgusting Men!

Unreal Contest!

Going to DevGAMM!

Going to DevGAMM!

Hey-hey-hey! Finally decided I should go to DevGAMM in Moscow! Never been on any conferences, need to look how it's going so I can prepare to visit the next one with the project.…