4 April 2019

Going to DevGAMM!

Going to DevGAMM!

Hey-hey-hey! Finally decided I should go to DevGAMM in Moscow!

Never been on any conferences, need to look how it's going so I can prepare to visit the next one with the project. Sadly I doubt I'll participate in any activities this time, KnightmareLands is not even in "alpha".

Before that I was a bit lost and the project moved very slowly, I had no close goal and so very few motivation. This decision gave me a lot in terms of motivation and understanding what are the most important game features right now.

Enemies groups: wanted to implement this a long time ago!

Recently I'm working hard to make a kind of vertical slice build, for showcases, future conferences, playtests and so on – with a solid gameplay, VFX, original music tracks and sounds.

Hope to complete it before summer (sure, it's dangerous to talk about any timelines... xD)