7 August 2019

Major update for internal systems

Attention please!

If you're interested in Knightmare Lands and willing to help with the project please contact me! Email: alexey@norlin.games or Telegram: t.me/norlin_ru.

Game designers, tech.artists and level designers are wanted on the first hand!

Brief update about the recent progress:

  • Major ECS system update: a LOT of refactorting and code changes, getting rid of some technical debt and fixing bunch of annoying bugs - all to prepare path for adding new content!
  • Implement completely new attributes system for the characters, to allow proper buffs/debuffs stacking, future pickup bonuses and different effects directly affecting the gameplay.
  • Finally I've started to work on the new environment themes: a hot volcano theme, spooky graveyard and searing desert are coming soon!
  • Last but not least: game progress saving. With dozens of levels planned, it will definitely be convenient!

No new pics for now, stay tuned!

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